[Episode 10.] Doctoral co-supervision at SLU

February 25, 2022

Episode 10. Doctoral co-supervision at SLU

In this episode, our colleagues at EPU (the unit of pedagogical development at SLU), Cecilia Almlöv and Henrik Viberg who have wide and rich experience of doctoral supervision in higher education have a conversation about what the meaning of team supervision is and how you can work better in a supervisory team.

They talk about a various range of roles and responsibilities as a member of the supervisory team regardless of whether you are the main supervisor or co-supervisor. They also help us think deeper about many challenges such as emotional support or career planning for doctoral students.

Through this episode, we hope that you can create an opportunity to reflect upon your role as a supervisor.



Cecilia Almlöv: Head of Unit at the Educational Development Unit (EPU)

Henrik Viberg: Educational developer at the Educational Development Unit (EPU)

Recording: Johan von Feilitzen, Adviser at the Unit for Educational Support Systems and Media

Editing: Minha Park, Educational developer at the Educational Development Unit (EPU)


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